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Hamsterzorb was originally launched back in 2012 by co-founders Paul Clarke and Marcia Brickwood. As a company, we firmly believe in supporting the development of young people by creating an exciting and engaging environment for them to exercise and enjoy themselves in.

Over the years we have branched out into new areas to help develop of real sense of community and togetherness for our customers, providing zorb event hire in locations such as:

  • Milton Keynes
  • London
  • Oxford

The team at Hamsterzorb

Hamsterzorb was founded by Paul Clarke and Marcia Brickwood. Both co-founders have a keen interest in health and fitness and decided to use Hamsterzorb as a platform to express their aims and objectives.

Paul worked tirelessly in the fitness industry for more than 10-years, and as a parent always remained aware of the pressures that parents are under to keep their children active and healthy. Paul maintains that Hamsterzorb was launched to remind and inspire both parents and children that exercise doesn’t need to be in a sweaty gym – you can also have fun outdoors without even knowing it!

Marcia’s background is predominantly marketing based, having worked with a number of high profile organisations in UK and Australia. As well as fitness and exercise, Marcia enjoys working with families and young children, motivating them and helping them achieve the best they can.

Packages that Hamsterzorb offers

Here at Hamsterzorb we have a broad selection of fun and exciting activities and event hire packages available for almost every occasion. Just a small selection of the packages that we can provide include: