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A Guide To... Aqua Zorbs

Three words to describe aqua zorbs would be funny, slippery and very, very wet. Change things up with our rage of water-based zorbing for a different challenge that’s equal parts fun and silly. Read on to see if Aqua Zorbing is the choice for you!

How does it work?

Our Aqua Zorbs are slightly different to ones you may have seen. Rather than the singular balls, we have larger cylinder shaped zorbs. These are better for many reasons:

1) Up to three people in an aqua zorb for more fun

2) You do not need to in the zorb as it is being inflated.

3) There’s no time limit due to air capacity.

We offer two types of aqua zorb packages, Aqua Roller Party and Lake Zorbing, depending on whether your activity is inside or outside.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between the two packages is location. Aqua Roller Parties are usually held in indoor swimming pools. These can usually hold up to three aqua zorbs for up to nine people zorbing at once. A section of the pool is left empty for another other guests to splash around while waiting for their go. Please note, we do not have affiliated pools that we use. If booking this package, you must provide a swimming pool location.

Alternatively, we have Lake Zorbing, the best way to get out into bodies of water and embarrass yourself. Usually three, but up to five, aqua zorbs can be set up on an outdoor lake for fun a chaos to occur. This is ideal for larger events or events open to the public as goes can be shorter. Again, we do not have affiliated lakes or bodies of water, you must provide a location.

Lake Zorbing also comes with additional health and safety regulations such as making sure the water is safe form legionnaires disease and other water-borne viruses. We advise lake zorbing happens exclusively on lakes rather than canals or rivers for this reason and the fact there is no flow on a lake.

What events best suit Aqua Zorbs?

Aqua Zorbs are a unique activity that is very good for celebrations and water-based fun. The Aqua Roller Party is perfect for children’s birthday parties and can be run throughout the year so even the winter babies don’t miss out! Lake Zorbing is better attributed to corporate events, festivals and other larger crowd events. It can be fashioned into a pay and play system where guests buy tickets for a ride.

Aqua Zorbs come in one size and are suitable for both adults and children. The minimum age is six years old but younger children could be accompanied by an adult if necessary. For more information, view our T&Cs.

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