About the Bubble Zorb Football Package

Package details:

This is a structured session, where we play a variety of fun games such as:

  • warm up with stuck in mud
  • 5 aside bubble zorb football
  • last man standing
  • bulldog
  • roly poly competitions and many more

Group Numbers

  • The sessions are ideal for a group of up to 20 people over an hour slot. However, if you have more people, we simply add more time.
  • On the other hand if you don’t have 20 guests or wish to share the cost in the case of a birthday party, you can join forces with another family friend, classmate or family member.
  • Quite often we have 2-3 birthday boys/girls at one time.
  • This is a high energy session, where you will be broken into two groups, so you have rest time and can spectate while the other team has a go. It’s just as exciting spectating as it is participating. Teams are swapped over every 5-7 minutes.
  • We play music over the session, to create a fantastic party environment

We have a variety of sizes; small, medium, large and extra large to suit ages as young as 8 right through to adults. Bubble Zorb Football is completely safe and a lot of fun. Ideally you need to wear sports clothing, sports shoes and bring plenty of water. Changing rooms and showers are available at most leisure centres we have partnerships with, should you require them.

Feel free to provide your own location or see our locations here:

Kidlington & Gosford
Chesham - Chesham Leisure Centre
Chesham - Chalfont Leisure Centre
Chesham - White Hill
Chesham - Sprinters Leisure Centre
Reading - South Reading
Reading - Rivermead Leisure Centre
Reading - Meadway
Reading - Palmer Park
Reading - Wilink Leisure Centre
High Wycombe
Marlow - Places Leisure
Marlow - Redgrave Sports Centre
Marlow - Bisham Abbey
Slough - Montem Leisure Centre
Slough - Langley Leisure Centre
Slough - Synergy Health and Fitness
Slough - Thames Valley Athletics Centre

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    Key Facts

    • Children between 6 to 8 years of age or who can’t swim, must have a 16+ age person with them in the pool while swimming. They can be one 16+ with 2 x 6-8 year olds.
    • Children under 6 must be one on one with an adult
    • This party is ideal for children who enjoy swimming

    Customer Testimonial

    "Booked this event for my 22nd birthday and even though I was hanging from the night before anyway it was brilliant fun the host was amazing, very relaxed and friendly, would definitely do it again!"

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