About the Land Zorb Arena Package

Our impressive Land Zorb arena is perfect for event fundraising and entertainment. Your guests will love the thrill of running around in a giant ball crashing, rolling and generally wearing themselves out. The arena comes with 4 Hamsterzorb Balls, but can hold up to 6 Hamsterzorb Balls at one time. The arena can be setup inside a:

  • large soft play area, with soft spongy ground
  • astro turfed grounds
  • flat grassed area in a field or garden

Perfect for fundraising:

The Land Zorb Arena is fantastic for fundraising and you can charge £5-7/per person. You can place up to 6 zorbs in the arena at one time and we turn people over every 10 mins. So over 3 hours: £6 x 6 people = £36/10 mins x 6 sessions in 1 hour = £216/hr x 3 hours = £648.

Based on our clients previous success, we recommend:

  • pre-selling tickets
  • selling tickets on the day, from a central location
  • having a ticket colour dedicated to zorbing and our team can keep them for you to be counted at the end to establish ROI
  • tickets available to purchase individually and discounted multi-tickets, as people love more than one go

This package is available:

  • from 2 hours and upwards to suit your needs
  • the most popular hire time is 3 or 4 hours
  • idle hours can also be added, this is where the package is setup, but not active. This package can be combined with other zorb packages, to make the ultimate fun day.

For this activity, we would need:

  • 1 hours 30 minutes to set up and 1 hour to set down
  • The ground to be:
    • level and sufficient space for 22x16m arena
    • grassed, turfed or large soft play area
    • free from debris and sharp objects
  • Continuous access to power for the arena blowers and for inflation/deflation of the zorbs. If there is no electricity we have generators you can hire for £50 + VAT.

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    Customer Testimonial

    "I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at Hamsterzorb, especially Marcia, Paul and Shayma! I booked a bubble zorb party for my 18th birthday party and it was so much fun. We had a range of different sized bubble zorbs which meant that both my friends and family were able to join in. I would recommend Hamsterzorb to everyone, it was amazing!"

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