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School Events & Fun Days

Children just love zorbing! Also, perfect for a different kind of PE session, zorbing is perfect for building fitness.

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Fundraising Zorb Packages

If your event is all about fundraising, then we highly recommend the following packages that have been designed to to turn over large groups of people in short periods of time and draw the crowds.

Entertainment Zorb Packages

If your event is more about entertainment, and fundraising is less important or not even a consideration this time around, then we highly recommend the following packages that have been designed to draw the crowds, but be more about entertaining a group and therefore less quickly to move through numbers in a group.


Bubble Zorb Arena


Human Zorb Skittles

20170524_122234 - Copy.jpg

Football Darts


Zorb Racer


Land Zorb Arena


Lake Zorbing


Bubble Zorb Football

Bubble Football package photo 1.jpg

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Customer Testimonials

"Thank you Hamsterzorb for making our Notre Dame School Summer Fete such a huge success. The children said it made the day and can’t stop talking about how much fun it was. I’ve even been asked for your details from a parent arranging another event!"

Anna Perkin

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