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Terms and Conditions

Hamsterzorb Terms and Conditions

Please conduct a site inspection of your venue to ensure you have sufficient space for your zorb hire & power access. We can supply a generator for £50+VAT, should you not have power access. The space required for you zorbing activity is on the e-brochure we sent you. If you require this information again, let us know and we’ll be happy to forward this to you.


Definitions and Interpretation

In this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise, the following words and expressions have the following meanings:

‘Contact’ means the contact named by the hirer on the booking form. Please note that if on the day the contact is not available then Hamsterzorb reserves the right to select an appropriate alternative. This may include, but not be limited to, a member of staff at the venue, an events coordinator, a user or a close family member or friend of the hirer or indeed the hirer themselves.

‘Booking Form' means the form completed to confirm details of booking including contact on the day. This may also be in the form of an e-mail.

‘Hirer’ means the main booking contact named on the initial booking form.

‘Hire date’ means the date the zorb activity is hired.

‘Zorb Hire’ means the ‘Hamsterzorb’ equipment.

‘Location’ means the Location of the zorb equipment once delivered and setup by an Hamsterzorb representative on the hire date.

‘User’ means the people that use the zorb equipment whilst out on hire to the hirer.

‘Venue’ means the venue address at which the zorb hire is to be located on the hire date.

‘Hamsterzorb Representative’ means a representative, either employed directly or sub-contracted for Hamsterzorb.

In this Agreement the words ‘include’, ‘includes’, ‘including’ and ‘such as’ are to be construed as if they were immediately followed by the words ‘without limitation’. Reference to the singular includes the plural and vice versa.



The agreement shall commence on the date the booking form is completed and submitted online and shall remain in place until the Zorb Hire is packed down by the Hamsterzorb Representative.


Payment & Cancellation Policy

An invoice will be raised for 100% of your booking and 50% deposit is payable to HZ Entertainment Ltd for events & Hamsterzorb Ltd for parties to confirm the booking.


A deposit of 50% on booking is required to secure your booking and the balance is due within 30 days prior to your event. Once deposit is paid this is non-refundable. A receipt in the form of an e-mail will be sent to the Hirer to confirm money has been received.


Hamsterzorb has the right to cancel the booking if:

– a deposit is not made within 30 days of booking

– the Hirer fails to pay the invoice in full by the due date

– the Venue, Location or Event is being held on a date, time or location that is; illegal, unsafe or a risk to health of the operator or attendees.


In the instance where the Hirer cancels their booking:

– and a deposit has been paid, this deposit is non-refundable

– within 60 days of the event date and the invoice is paid in full, the full amount is non-refundable

– before the 60 day period and has paid in full, then 40% of the money paid will be refunded.


This is because we decline other work for your booking.


If the Hirer would like to move their booking to another date or time, they have the full right to do so, if that date is available to move the booking to, in accordance to the Hamsterzorb booking system. However, a change of date and time will need to be put to us in writing via e-mail to confirm the changes required.

No refunds will be given due to low use of the zorb hire throughout the event or due to the location being unsuitable. We recommend you do an event inspection to ensure there is sufficient space for the zorb hire and there is access to electric. We can supply a generator for £50+VAT should you require a generator.


Force Majeure

Hamster Zorb shall not be liable for any failure in the performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement caused by, and may suspend performance of the same during, factors outside our control including, but not limited to; disorder, riots, pandemics and natural disasters.


Use of the Zorb Hire

When you hire our services you are confirming that: a) you agree that your group will be given a safety briefing / briefed on the risks involved; b) that you accept on behalf of your group that these activities can be dangerous and can result in injury; and c) you accept on behalf of your group the risks involved and are responsible for your groups own actions and/or involvement.

Your zorbing activity will take place except in:

  • illegal circumstances;

  • dangerous circumstances; and/or

  • extreme weather

where either situation could cause; us to break the law, health issues, damage or harm to participants and operators or damage to the equipment.


In addition to extreme weather, inflatables should not be used when the wind or gusts are in excess of the maximum safe wind speed. The industry recommends a maximum wind speed of Force 5 on the Beaufort scale of 30-38 kph or 19-24 mph. Force 5 is a fresh breeze when small trees in leaf begin to sway. Whereas Force 6 is a strong breeze 38–49 km/h or 25–31 mph when large branches are in motion, whistling can be heard in telephone lines and umbrellas can only be handled with difficulty.

Information on our grounds and participation requirements need to be discussed and agreed prior to booking with Hamsterzorb.


Bubble Zorbs & Land Zorbs Usage Both In Arenas and Out of Arenas (such as sports field, sports hall etc..) Conditions:

  • No person who has high blood pressure heart problems epilepsy back or neck problems pregnant or is clearly affected by drink or drugs be allowed on the attraction or to participate;

  • Children and adults are not allowed to use the attraction at the same time (except for Land Zorbs);

  • All play area surfaces are level free from debris, obstructions or obstacles particularly those that could cause DAMAGE to the participant(s), operators and equipment;

  • A trained Hamsterzorb instructor must be present all times whilst the attraction is in use particularly to ensure that all participants are correctly strapped into the attraction;

  • Bubble Zorbs must not be used in water;

  • All participants must be given a safety briefing before being allowed on the attraction particularly on how to hold the handles & operate equipment safely;

  • All spectators must be kept at least 15 metres from the play area.


Water Zorb balls & Roller Usage Conditions:

  • No persons other than participants are allowed in the inflatable pool or swimming pool (past the roped area) whilst the activity is taking place;

  • All spectators must be kept behind a safety barrier at a safe distance from the inflatable pool;

  • All electrical equipment such as blowers and cables must be at least two metres away from water;

  • The event must be supervised and operated at all times by a trained Hamsterzorb operator;

  • The water level in the inflatable or swimming pool is at least 30cm depth;

  • No participant is allowed in the water balls or zorbs for more than five minutes;

  • No person under the age of seven shall use the equipment;

  • Only one person at a time is allowed in a aqua zorb ball & up to 3 children in the roller or 2 adults – this needs to be assessed by the instructor to ensure the appropriate weight ratio;

  • All participants are given a safety briefing before being allowed on the attraction;

  • The following persons are not to be allowed to participate:

    • anyone who is or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

    • anyone who is pregnant

    • anyone who has had an operation within the past twelve months that through participating the object of the operation could be aggravated

    • anyone undergoing medical treatment for an ailment that may be aggravated, including but not limited to high blood pressure, epilepsy, back problems, neck problems or any heart condition;


Social Media Uploads

All social media uploads are optional. Please let us know if you do not require social media uploading. If guests would like their image removed, we can easily do so, if they make contact with us and notify which image they’d like removed. However, when agreeing to these T&C’s and not notifying us that you do not wish to have social media uploading, you agree to have your photos uploaded.

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