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TV Events & Marketing Campaigns

Do you require our own zorb products and inflatables for an up and coming event, campaign or TV Show? We can tailor any of our product range to your exact brand specifications, for any occasion or event you may have.

Our Previous TV & Event Work

Some previous examples of bespoke work we done, have been for marketing campaigns, TV adverts, TV Shows and community events. We can create your very own branded zorb products, arena or whatever you require, then deliver and operate if for you. If required we can also store your products for you in between use.

Bounce - Protein Energy Balls, Marketing and PR Campaign

We were approached by Bounce, protein energy balls health the health food company to work with them to promote their Protein Balls in Leeds, London & Birmingham over 3 weekends. We developed a bespoke arena, centre piece & 3 land zorb balls to their brand requirements to promote the Bounce brand. We also provided the staff, operational equipment & delivered the arena & balls to each site where it was setup, maintained & run.

The idea was to have the general public interact with their brand, sample their protein balls & hold a competition to see which city was able to do the most laps in the zorb balls. It was a huge success & was heavily promoted on Social Media & picked up by media in each city. We worked with Haygarth creative agency, London & the client Bounce, to make it a very successful event.


Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway - ITV 1, TV Show

We were invited to provide our human zorb bowling package for the show's 

Ant vs Dec section. Outside the television studios we were able to deliver a great

spectacle for both studio and TV audience!

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Got What It Takes - CBBC, TV Show

We were approached by CBBC producers of Got What it Takes, to provide bespoke Land Zorbs & Skittles to shows brand requirements, to feature in their show. The challenge was for the Mum’s to knock the most skittles over in the large land zorbs, to enable their child to choose their song to perform.


A League of Their Own - Sky One, TV Show

We were approached by A League of Their Own TV producers to work with them to provide zorbs to their show’s specifications for a stunt in series 12 of the show. This a fun and unique challenge that involved our land zorbs. 

Sky one
League of their own

Customer Testimonials

"What a fun filled day we’ve had with Hamsterzorb. Very professional and well organised event. Would recommend to anyone!"

Damien Heath

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