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A Guide to... Bubble Zorbs

Probably the lesser known of our land based zorbs, bubble zorbs are a fun, ridiculous and excellent activity for larger groups.

How does it work?

Bubble zorbs are unique as they do not cover the entire body. Instead, your legs are free to run around while the rest of your body is protected by the zorb. Ultimately, this means you can roll around and crash into your friends in a safe environment, just watch out for them crashing you back! The bubble zorb design opens entirely new options for zorbing fun which we split into two packages: bubble zorb arena and bubble zorb session.

What’s the difference?

The bubble zorb arena is a fast-paced session perfect for large groups. Up to 15 bubble zorbs can run around in one of our 22m x 16m arenas where you are free to crash, roll and sumo wrestle with your friends. The arena is ideal for school fun days and charity events where you have groups of similar size or ability and goes down very well every time.

The bubble zorb session is slightly different as it doesn’t feature an arena. Instead, an area is defined by barriers which allows for more fluid play. This is more suited for smaller groups with less rotation, such as birthdays and stag/hen dos, and features more structured games such as football and bulldog. Don’t worry if your football skills are bit rusty, the bubble zorb is a great leveller in talent!

What events best suit bubble zorbs?

Bubble zorbs are an eye-catching and fun activity that will entertain your guests to no end. However, the two packages have different qualities that benefit events better. For the bubble zorb arena, the best events are school fun days, charity fund raising events and large corporate events. Whereas the bubble zorb session is ideal for children’s birthday parties, stag/hen dos and corporate team building events.

Bubble zorbs come in various sizes and are suitable for both children and adults. The minimum age is six years old, and we usually collate people of similar ages and size to avoid any big crashes. For more safety information, view our T&Cs.

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Feb 27

It's such a fun and crazy activity, especially for big companies. With Bubble Zorbs you can have a great time and enjoy competitions with your friends without worrying about your safety. It's definitely worth a try! Also, to remember the bright moments from this event, you can take cool screenshots using Screen Capture. Moreover, it is free and very simple.

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