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A Guide To... Land Zorbs

The bread and butter of Hamsterzorb, Land Zorbs are a unique and fun form of exercise guaranteed to turn heads and bring laughter to your group. Get to know more about these intriguing balls in our blog post and find the right package for your event.

How does it work?

Our land zorbs are gigantic and will fully incase you when you climb in. This means you have a protective ball around your entire body and the ability to roll around with ease. Be careful though as the entry hole is not covered when you’re moving, if it does come underneath you, just jump over and continue rolling! The land zorbs have several packages that acter to different group sizes: Land Zorb Arena, Human Bowling and Zorb Racer.

What’s the difference?

The Land Zorb arena is a multi-ball feature where up to 5 zorbs can roll around our 22m x 16m inflatable arena. This is a great activity for large groups as you can rotate very quickly and attracts a wide variety of ages and levels of athleticism. Each arena session runs for 5 minutes and you will be tired when times up as it tougher than you think!

Alternatively, there’s Hamsterzorb’s take on bowling. Become the ball and go for a strike as you hurtle towards the inflatable skittles. This is a great activity for a bit of friendly, or not so friendly, competition and is great for corporate team building and stag/hen dos. This activity features only one zorb ball so larger groups may get restless waiting for their turn.

Finally, we have the Zorb Racer. A cut-throat relay race between tow teams in their own land zorb. Enjoy an intense and hilarious race as you try and get all your team members down the track one by one. There’s always room for cheating in this one! This package pairs very well with the bowling and adds an extra flavour to the competition.

What events best suit Land Zorbs?

Land Zorbs are a well-loved activity that is bound to turn heads. However, each package has its strengths at difference events. The Land Zorb Arena is fantastic at large crowd events such as School Fun Days, Charity Fundraising Events and outdoor events such as festivals. Human bowling works well for birthday parties, Stag/Hen dos and corporate team building and Zorb Racer excels at Stag/Hen dos, Corporate Team Building and School events.

Land Zorbs come in two sizes and are suitable for both children and adults. The minimum age is six years old but in the case of the Land Zorb arena, smaller children can go in if accompanied by an adult next the zorb at all times. For more safety information, view our T&Cs.

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